Quality and Inspections

Welcome to our Quality and Inspections page for the Training Academy, here you will find links to all of our affiliates and inspection reports.

We are inspected by Matrix Standard, which is a unique quality framework for organisations to assess and measure their information, advice and or guidance services.  

You can see our accreditation by clicking here


The purpose of the Information, Advice and Guidance Service (IAG) is to support learners in achieving their aspirations, including their study and career advancement.

We place an emphasis on opportunities for decision making by providing online information and advice that is easy to access, clear, relevant and continually updated to ensure the best information and guidance is easily accessible.

Our service is consistent with the approach to educational support and guidance and is delivered in accordance with the principles of the nationally recognised matrix quality standard (www.matrixstandard.com) and the One to One Support Services Data Protection and GDPR Policies.


The Service aims to deliver IAG to both learners and staff who are registered on, or considering registering for, a qualification or course with One to One.


Our objectives are to:

  • Empower both learners and staff to achieve their career goals and to develop independence in their decision making.
  • Ensure that the delivery of IAG within One to One is responsive to changes and developments both internally and externally.
  • Support the improvement of students’ completion and progression rates
  • Work proactively and collaboratively internally to enhance the effective delivery of IAG.
  • Identify and work in partnership with external organisations to inform and enhance our service to both our learners and staff.

We will achieve these objectives by:

  • Raising awareness of the service so that learners know what they can expect and how to access it
  • Producing and regularly reviewing a development plans to ensure we continually improve our service
  • Providing timely and targeted IAG to learners and staff at key points along their journey that recognises and is responsive to diverse and distinct needs
  • Ensuring our online information and advice is accessible, accurate, up to date and applies innovative technology
  • Providing opportunities for students to access advice and guidance in a variety of ways including online discussion forums, email and telephone
  • Ensuring all members of staff have the training, skills and knowledge appropriate to their role
  • Encouraging and acting on learner and staff feedback

Delivery of IAG
All members of staff at One to One Support Services work collaboratively to deliver IAG in all aspects of their role, in line with service standards.
We actively work to ensure that our IAG provision aligns with the support available to learners from their tutors.

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